Ariana Grande finds her sound in latest album “Sweetener”

Emily Morales , Staff Reporter

Ariana Grande has recently released her latest album named Sweetener. The album has an uplifting sound but has some bittersweet undertones. They are Grande’s way of moving forward from the Manchester bombing in 2017. Sweetener is the first album that Grande has dropped since the bombing. This album brings out different aspects to Grande’s voice and seems to give off a new vibe. It contains 15 songs and features 3 different artists: Missy Elliott, Nicki Minaj, and Pharrell Williams (who helped produced the album). It is the fourth studio album that Grande has released and seems to be more personal than other songs she has previously released.

One song that gives off a more personal vibe is Pete Davidson. Grande named the song after her fiance which talks about how Grande feels towards the relationship and that even though it has been fast paced, she feels lucky to have found who she believes to be her soulmate.

The message displayed in Grande’s song Breathin’ is about the moments that make her feel like anxiety is taking over her emotions and thoughts and she just can’t breathe. The song deals with Grande’s desire to get beyond those moments when she feels stuck and how she wants to overcome the overwhelming feelings.  

Another song that definitely gets more emotional is Get Well Soon. Get Well Soon ends with forty seconds of silence for the victims of the Manchester bombing. The song isn’t just about Grande and her personal feelings and struggles but about the events that took place in Manchester as well. The song deals with Grande feeling like she’s too in her head and not being able to get out of it and wondering if people have noticed. The bombing took its toll on the artist and her fans alike, but the song ends on an uplifting note. Grande hopes to get a central message across that no matter how far away you feel, you’ll always be able to come back down.

Grande’s honest and open emotions can be interpreted easily throughout the album. The lyrics and instrumentation aren’t depressing, despite the difficult emotions Grande had to work through. The upbeat angle that Grande uses in her music gets the message across perfectly without it being overbearing.

The album’s singles: God is a Woman and No Tears Left to Cry are both hits that people keep on repeat. The album has a lot of songs that keep listeners glued to the radio. The advantage of Grande’s soprano range compliments the tone of the album.

Of course, Sweetener can’t be talked about without mentioning the iconic song Sweetener. The song itself is about making the world a little sweeter. The song comes with a twist, starting off with a slow tempo but picks up during the chorus. It as a whole is Grande growing as an artist and dealing with the Manchester bombing in 2017. The song’s beginning represents the somber attitude that is expected and the  transition into the chorus can be seen as Grande getting through it with the help of new relationships and music, which represent the more energetic and lighthearted tones.

Sweetener is the kind of album that radiates grim undertones and matches it perfectly with softer highlights. The combination plays a big part in how Grande uses it to express her emotions and healing process. The album covers new found love and the journey of living with anxiety, at no point does it feel too heavy. Through her music Grande has truly been able to find her voice.The album reminds her fans and supporters that celebrities deal with relatable problems and that life could always use a bit more ‘sweetener’.