Coach Clark Takes on New Position

Jacob Coggshall, Staff Reporter

James Clark has been the Algebra 1 teacher, tennis coach, and basketball coach for many years at Holy Trinity. However, things are changing for Clark in this school year; he is no longer teaching math and has taken on the role of student transition specialist here at Holy Trinity.

He is mainly going to help new students transitioning from grades 8-12. He is also teaching weight training and PE which comes very naturally to Clark.

“I’m very excited this year for building the Holy Trinity culture the Holy Trinity way,” said Clark.

Along with a new position, Clark’s office is now located in the newly renovated space which used to be the old dance room. The room is now filled with furniture that was located in the library.

The Student Commons will be used for a variety of purposes ranging from club gatherings, tutoring sessions, and team meetings. Sports teams have previously used the room for watching and analyzing film which will continue to occur. Clark is very excited to get involved with all sports teams and school activities this year.

“I was really inspired by the reports of the Japanese Olympic team, and how they showed so much humility, citizenship, and sportsmanship they showed,” said Clark.

Clark is hoping for the same attributes displayed in all of our teams this year and for the school as a whole. His new position and responsibilities are a welcomed change for Clark and he is extremely optimistic about the school year ahead.