“Halloween” Is a True Return to Form For the Franchise

Michael Myers is back and deadlier than ever in the

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Michael Myers is back and deadlier than ever in the "Halloween" remake.

Jacob Coggshall, Staff Reporter

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With fall finally in swing, the spooky spirit begins to fill the air, and what’s more spooky than a lifeless serial killer who will brutally murder anyone he can? Halloween (2018) has arrived in theatres and Michael Myers is back and better than ever. Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle return as their respective roles, Laurie Strode and Michael Myers, from the original 1978 movie. The movie captures the charm of the original Halloween film quite flawlessly, but not without its faults.

The remake follows Strode and her family 40 years after the events of the first movie. Strode is still petrified from all those years ago and has prepared for Myers to return her whole life. The movie portrays Strode and her relationship with both her daughter (Karen) and granddaughter (Allyson) perfectly. Curtis’s performance is by far the highlight of the movie. She is able to deliver the emotion of a loving, but deeply scarred person flawlessly. The writers were also able to develop Michael’s character quite well. They don’t try to answer any huge question on why Michael is doing all of this; they just portray him as he is supposed to be: a mystery.

In other parts of the movie, the writing sometimes started to fall short. For example, the character who is essentially the replacement for Dr. Loomis from the original, is pretty dull. Dr. Sartain is a useless character who throws in a completely unneeded plot twist that diminishes from the overall immersion of the movie. The writing in a few circumstances seems rather lazy and could have been done in a much better way. Halloween of course falls into the traditional horror movie cliches, such as certain characters having an IQ of an infant, but that is expected.

Fans of the 1978 original Halloween will be very pleased with this movie overall. It is a true return to form, even nearly recreating scenes from the original. Returning fans will love how the character of Michael is practically the same, knife and all, as well as countless easter eggs and references to all Halloween movies scattered throughout. However, the movie is a direct sequel to the original, which means that it is almost necessary to see the original but not the nine other movies. In my opinion, Halloween (2018) deserves a strong 8/10. The movie delivers in almost all aspects besides in few places here and there. It is extremely fun and brings back a lot of what made the 1978 film so memorable. Halloween is a great movie to watch this season with friends and family and will definitely put you in the spooky spirit. But, you might be sleeping with one eye open after watching it.