Gibson Repeats Eighth Grade for Lacrosse

Freshman Dylan Gibson repeated eighth grade this school year for benefits in lacrosse.

Provided by Dylan Gibson

Freshman Dylan Gibson repeated eighth grade this school year for benefits in lacrosse.

Sophie Lyons, Staff Reporter

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14-year-old Dylan Gibson decided to repeat eighth grade not because he struggled academically but because of his love for lacrosse. From traveling to Maryland three out of four weekends every month, he learned that some of his friends repeated a grade so that they can get better at lacrosse before going to college. With his parents support, trying to persuade the school was difficult and stressful, but lacrosse motivated him to keep going and repeat eighth grade again.

Gibson started playing lacrosse when he was seven years old. He plays attack which means he stays on offense and helps assist with scores. Currently, Gibson plays on the second best team in the nation called DC express.

Gibson has been improving on his skills for the past two years. By increasing practice and training every day, he has become more committed to the sport and plays for the school.

Up in the north, they play lacrosse by the graduating year and not by age. By being a year older, he has more time for growth, development, and improvement.

“It was my choice, but my parents are supportive,” said Gibson.

Repeating eighth grade was a bold decision. Gibson’s mom had to call the school multiple times to try and convince them to let her son repeat eighth grade. It is not common down south to do this, but in the north, it is extremely common.

Currently, Gibson takes eighth grade english and history but is taking high school classes for biology and math. He also has a locker in the high school building but is under the eighth-grade roster. He still attends junior high meetings and he is eligible to go on field trips with the junior high as well.

This year, it is undecided if Gibson will be able to play on the varsity lacrosse team, but he has played on it since he was in seventh grade. Normally, to be able to receive and sign with colleges, you are only allowed to play high school sports for four years. It will have to be determined when lacrosse season rolls around.

Gibson is one of the first to repeat a grade for sports at Holy Trinity but knows in the long run that it will be worth it. Playing lacrosse is something he loves to do and will always have a passion. Practicing and traveling 24/7 can get tiring but makes winning so much better. Putting in hard work will help him learn dedication and commitment for later on in his life.