Ariana Grande Delivers With Thank U, Next


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Ariana Grande released her highly anticipated album Thank U, Next last month.

Emily Morales, Staff Reporter

If you’re searching for songs with melodies that flow just as easily as the memorable lyrics, Ariana Grande’s latest release Thank U, Next is the next album you should listen to. Thank U, Next dropped five months after her album Sweetener, serving as a sort of catharsis. Despite the seemingly quick release, the album doesn’t feel rushed in any way. Thank U, Next quickly became an anticipated album after the artist dropped singles that seemingly became hits overnight with very little to no advertising. Imagine, 7 Rings, and the song the album was titled after, Thank U, Next caused the anticipation for the album to increase, until it was finally released on February 8, 2019. Grande’s fifth studio album contains 12 songs and turns her sound into a new type of hopeful for the future feel; the kind of feel that involves having a positive outlook on the future, without forgetting the events of the past that might have been hurtful but also brought growth. This album might have beaten Sweetener as Grande’s most personal album. Here is an analysis of all of the songs on Thank U, Next.

1. NASA – No, not the space center. This song has the type of melody that will make you feel like you’re in outer space. NASA has a warm beat that gives the listener a feel for the situation Grande’s lyrics describe; the situation being Grande just wanting a little space from a boyfriend so that she has the chance to miss him, even if he offers her the world.

2. Ghostin’ – This is a more emotional song with a slower pace than one would expect. Despite the more ‘heartbreak’ feel, Ghostin’ has poetic lyrics without being totally depressing. Fans speculate that the song is about Grande’s feelings towards her late ex Mac Miller.

3. Needy – This is another song with emotional highlights that manages to keep the upbeat undertones that remains consistent throughout Thank U, Next. In Needy, Grande expresses some honest opinions about herself. This song showcases some of Grande’s impressive vocal abilities.

4. Thank U, NextNot one could get too far into a ranking list of Thank U, Next songs without mentioning the song that the album is titled after. This high energy pop song is about the singer’s past relationships. Yes, many artists have released music about exes, but in this single, Grande addresses them by name and does so without bitterness. The song is about moving on with lessons that each relationship has taught her and ends with the concept of considering a relationship with herself is just as important as any of the others.

5. 7 Rings – The phrase ‘living your best life’ comes to mind when thinking of 7 Rings. This song is all about Grande’s success and how she plans to give back to her close friends that have stood by her through rocky relationships. The introduction of this song was written to feel like a parody of My Favorite Things from ‘The Sound of Music.’ This song does more than just embrace Grande’s wealth and the importance of her friends but also tells the story of Grande purchasing seven Tiffany engagement rings, one ring for herself, and the other six for close friends.

6. Imagine – While at first, this song may not fit with the general sound of the album completely, the lyrics help redeem the song, relating it back to the general feel of the album. The vocals in this song also make this song worthwhile to add to your playlist.

7. Make Up – The light feel of this song can almost allow the slight bittersweetness of the lyrics to go unnoticed. Sweet, cheerful, and a deeper feel, Make Up is a must listen to song.

8. Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored – This song is all about Grande meeting up and feeling a connection with a guy that’s already taken. Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored is definitely about being bold. This song has an interesting beat and a catchy rhythm.

9. Fake Smile – Pretending to be fine by smiling no matter how she’s feeling is what Fake Smile is about. Despite the somber meaning, the song still has the classic pop feel that Grande embraces. She keeps the sound that’s often associated with her by playing a decent base.

10. In My Head – This is a song that accentuates Grande’s impressive vocal range. The lyrics in this song are interesting, but even more attention-grabbing are the sentiments behind them. In My Head is about seeing the good in someone that isn’t really there and building a relationship around that.

11. Bloodline – This is a song about a casual relationship that Grande wants to keep that way. Bloodline is light, fun, and the type of song to listen to when you’re in the mood for some carefree music.

12. Bad Idea Bad Idea has a satisfying sound, but there is an instrumental transition that feels way too long for the actual song. That over lengthened transition feels random, which could have been avoided if it had been shorter.

Grande uses lighthearted pop melodies with emotional meanings and undertones to accentuate her growth and how she got through recent difficult events in her personal life. The album also demonstrates hope for the future and rising above devastating situations to see them as opportunities for growth. All of these are key elements that make Thank U, Next, an album that is worthwhile to listen to.