Mrs. Tricano Finds a New Start

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Mrs. Tricano Finds a New Start

Kayla Burge, Photo Editor

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After 11 years teaching at Holy Trinity as the yearbook advisor, Mrs. Tricano is transferring to a new job as a graphic designer at Northrop Grumman.

“The job that I’m taking on is actually interaction design and I’m going to be able to use my industrial design degree to design interfaces for pilots and how they interact with the controls of an airplane,” Tricano said.

Her work at Holy Trinity is very different compared to her new job at Northrop Grumman. Tricano originally went to school and received an industrial design degree, but decided to take on the challenge of yearbook advisor for several years.

“It’s totally different because I won’t be teaching and having the daily interaction with students. The biggest difference is that I didn’t go to school to teach yearbook, or teaching in general. Instead of teaching what I know, I will be doing what I know in practice,” Tricano said. “I just knew when I took this job, it was something I enjoyed and over the years of have grown to love it. I love teaching, I love working with the kids, and making these lifelong connections with the kids.”

Although Tricano didn’t go to school to be a teacher or learn yearbook design she fell in love with the process.

“Once I started I had no idea that teaching yearbook was so involved. I was pleasantly surprised when I started that it was very involved because I’m a very driven person, so having something that is product driven and involves a lot more than I ever thought it would. But over the years I just immersed myself in it and educated myself as much as possible, and I’ve enjoyed it,” Tricano said.

Her work at Holy Trinity was very rewarding, but she is looking forward to new challenges that will come her way.

“I won’t miss anything else more than seeing all my kids every day and working with them everyday. I’m lucky because I’m probably one of the only teachers, besides Mr. Hale, that at the end of the year we have this tangible product that shows off all the talents of our students. And I have 11 of yearbooks that show the amazing writing, design, photography, and everything that all these kids put into it,” Tricano said. “I’ll miss that because I don’t necessarily have the satisfaction of my own career, but I have the satisfaction of the many kids I’ve taught over the past years and watching them grow and move on to careers themselves.”

Tricano moving out of her position at Holy Trinity will be challenging going forwards, but in the end, she has found a new start.