The Benefits of a Loss

Kayla Burge, Photo Editor

The boys varsity lacrosse team played MCC on March 13th, and the Tigers definitely fought hard to stay in the game. Although the game ended in a 17-3 win for MCC, there were many benefits that resulted from this loss.

Sophomore Guillermo Marr scored the first goal for the Tigers followed by two later goals by junior Edward Marr and junior Adam Cole.

“It was really nice to score a goal in that hard of a game,” Marr said.

This year the team is rebuilding with many young players and only three seniors. Having a really young team doesn’t come with a lot of experience but they fought for every goal and their defense endured throughout the duration of the game.

“We have a really young team so it was very good that we kept persisting out there. I feel like the first half we were getting beat pretty bad but in the second half I think they only scored four goals. And this shows that our team really keeps persisting,” Marr said.

“They (MCC) are an older team with skills and I think we showed a lot of character by staying together during the game and never giving up,” coach Eric Marr said.

The outcome of keeping constant through this game led to many gains to the team as a whole.

“I thought this would be a learning experience because this is a very high quality team and we could take a lot away from this to make us better,” said Coach Marr.

Although this game was a learning experience this team was in good spirits and will be able to grow as a whole team and they are good at working together for a common goal.

“One thing that really helps us out on the field is definitely our team spirit. We have a great group of guys; they really like each other on and off the field. We definitely have a good team spirit with us and we would do anything for each other,” Marr said.

Coach Marr has high expectations for the remaining season as well as the future seasons to come.

“I think that they will play better as a team throughout the season and this game showed it. As they played throughout the game they got closer as a team,” Coach Marr said.