A Sucker for the Jonas Brothers

A Sucker for the Jonas Brothers

Provided by USAtoday

Angelina Berthiaume, Staff Reporter

Eleven years after the release of their hit single Burnin’ Up, the Jonas Brothers are back and better than ever.

“I was really excited when they got back together because they had broken up,” junior Isabel Chiuchiolo said. “And obviously their song is really good and I’m excited for more.”

The band of brothers teamed up once again with the release of their new single Sucker.

“I’m so happy they reunited,” senior Tara Carroll said. “I’ve already watched all of the new videoes they released.”

This time however, the Jonas Brothers sang as husbands and fiancees instead of everybody’s teenage crush.

“When I was little I was really all about Joe because he was the bad boy in Camp Rock,” Carroll said. “As I got older I really liked Nick and all his solo songs.”

For fans who have been listening to the group since the beginning, Sucker has taken them back to their childhood mindset.

“Listening to sucker and all their other old songs has made me so nostalgic,” Carroll said.

Although many can’t get enough of Sucker, seventh grader Sydney Borboroglu prefers to stick to the originals.

“I didn’t really like their new song,” Borboroglu said. “I always liked listening to This Is Me from Camp Rock.”

Even still, everyone, from seventh grade to senior year, can agree that the Jonas Brothers are a band for all.

“I feel like everybody likes them,” Carroll said. “I haven’t met somebody who doesn’t.”