Battle of the Bands


Claire Jackering

The band CNCO plays to an enthusiastic crowd in Orlando.

Claire Jackering, Staff Reporter

Everyone has their own favorite artists with differing music preferences. Some people are also attracted to different genres and styles. With this being said, many differences can be seen between an Australian pop/punk band and a Latin American boyband.

My personal favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer, an Australian pop/punk group, came to Florida last September at the House of Blues in Orlando. Four months later, another one of my favorite bands, the Latin American boyband CNCO, came to the same venue. With both of the bands performing at the same venue and having an equal amount of popularity, the prices for each ticket were drastically different. The reason is that most of the bands from Latin American countries do not come to America very frequently, so most fans are willing to pay higher prices for tickets because they don’t have an opportunity to see them very often. Therefore, the tickets to CNCO were much higher than 5 Seconds of Summer even though they were both general admission.

Once inside the venue minutes before the concert begins, the vibe I felt from everyone waiting was very different between each concert. While waiting for the 5 Seconds of Summer concert to begin, everyone that was crowded around each other began conversing with the stranger standing next to them regarding their love for the same band. While waiting for the CNCO concert to begin, everyone was talking in both English and Spanish. It didn’t matter who they were talking to, what they were talking about, or how loud they were talking, they would just talk. During the CNCO concert, the volume in the venue was higher than anything I have ever heard before. For 5 Seconds of Summer, the volume rose once the band came on stage, but it was never as loud as the other concert.

On the stage, what each band member is doing during songs is also very different. For example, all the members of 5 Seconds of Summer have to play instruments along with singing the songs.  On the other hand, the members of CNCO do not play instruments during songs because they are dancing during each and every song, excluding a few of the slow songs. Because of the differing styles of music, there is also a difference in what the band members have to do during songs to entertain the audience. In fact, along with CNCO’s dance routines, they also wear matching customized outfits that were given to them by Dolce Gabbana while the members of 5 Seconds of Summer just wear normal outfits that are unique to themselves.

Overall, there are many differences between the bands 5 Seconds of Summer and CNCO in their style of music and concert experience. Whether it be because of the culture from their home country or their own self-interest, the music produced by both of these bands in amazing in their own ways and shows certain characteristics that pertain to the entertainment of their fans.