Titanic Rising Reveals Mering’s Masterful Songwriting


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Natalie Mering (Weyes Blood) released the standout album "Titanic Rising" this past month.

Jacob Coggshall, Staff Reporter

Titanic Rising might very well go down one of the best albums of the year and was created by a very unfamiliar artist to many. Natalie Mering (Weyes Blood) has released four previous albums and never created a successful or critically acclaimed album to date. However, her most recent album has turned that right around. Titanic Rising is a beautiful, ethereal, and emotional album that has caught the attention of many, including critics.

Most of the songs on the tracklisting revolve around the concept of love, and the heartbreak and intricacies that sometimes are intertwined within it. Many songs also deal with life in general. The lyrics capture this beautifully and are heartbreaking at times. The album is difficult to categorize as a genre. It appears very indie at times, but at other times it resembles more baroque pop or art-pop. Most of the songs on the ten song track listing are very ethereal with Mering’s vocals soaring. However, the production may be where the album really shines. The production might be the best we’ve seen in an album of  a similar genre that has been released in recent years. It is more impressive that every song is co-produced by Mering herself.

The album opens with one of the standout tracks A Lot’s Gonna Change. The song is basically a commentary on life. The first lyrics sung are “If I could go back to a time before now, before I ever fell down. Go back to a time when I was just a girl.” After this, she basically talks to her younger self for the rest of the track. A main reason why the concept works so well is that the production provides a vintage feel to the track. Overall, the track is beautiful and is a near perfect way to kick off the album.

The three songs that were released before the album came out were Andromeda, Everyday, and Movies. All three songs are fantastic cuts, however I believe Movies is the real star out of the bunch. The track is where the production reaches a peak and is a true masterpiece of a song. The song is simply about how much she loves movies, it even seems rather childish at times. However, there is something more to the track and is almost haunting when the production and vocals come together. Looking deeper, the song is really another commentary on her life and is quite sad.

The last real song that is actually sung on the album is titled Picture Me Better. The song is about love and seems rather personal to her. Many of the lyrics are open to interpretation. She is clearly talking to one person about their relationship, so it is difficult to understand all of the symbolism and meaning in the lyrics. However, the tone and instruments say it all and is one of the best songs on the whole album. It is a fantastic way to end the album and it ties back the vintage feel to  the first song A Lot’s Gonna Change. This is thoughtfully done and rewards the listener for consuming the album as a whole.

In my opinion, Titanic Rising is the best album of the year and could possibly remain at this spot. The album is certainly not for everybody, but can objectively be appreciated by everyone. This is the mark of a truly great album. As much as my heart wants to give this album a ten out of ten, some songs don’t rise to the greatness of others. Titanic Rising will have to settle for a 9.5/10. I would encourage anyone who really appreciates music or any indie or art-pop fans to give Weyes Blood’s new effort a shot.