Growth and Renewal

Kayla Burge, Online Editor

Dr. Cobb coined the 2019-20 school year as a year of growth and renewal because of the capital campaign undertaking, which started in May, and the shift in administration positions. Our school community is watching these new changes in action with the new turf being laid, the junior high and senior high being separated into two divisions with two principals, and the new director of senior high academics. 

The administration is transitioning back to a system that Holy Trinity used in 2004; by making this change, it is lightening the load for both Mrs. Buist and Mrs. Peters.

“In the end we decided to go back to two principals over the divisions just because there’s a lot that goes into the job: discipline, security of the campus, academics, curriculum, parents, etc,” Buist said.

“Mrs. Peters and I are working very closely together and meet all the time just to make sure that we are on the same page and that we are leading in the same way,” Buist said.

With this change, the different divisions are able to take their main focus of “growth and renewal” and tailor it to their own grades.

“I think that our new motto speaks to (“growth and renewal”) because we were saying that our junior high was a place to belong and a place to become. Part of growing is becoming. In our August retreat we are going to talk to the junior high students about belonging and how to help other people feel included,” Peters said.

The junior high students will be exploring different professions, but also what kind of person they want to become in the future. Showing the junior high that growth and renewal is an important part of the future. All in all, this year really speaks to change, which is why Mrs. Buist will be focusing more on the changes that were in progress last year.

“Mrs. G started administration meetings and taking student surveys about our academics and that resulted in some changes in GPA and community service. I’d really like to continue what she started, getting the faulty and administration together to look at where we are as a school within our culture and where we are in terms of our reputation outside,” Buist said.

From these administration meetings and students’ stress, she is looking forward to keep revising the daily schedules for a possible change in next year’s program.

Besides all of the many updates that Holy Trinity is working on, both Mrs. Buist and Mrs. Peters are extremely excited for their jobs to be centered around the students again.

“Hopefully they will view me as more of a “open-door policy” because I am looking forward to be more among the students,” Buist said.

“I think my favorite thing about being involved with students is watching them grow. And the chance to work more closely with teachers and the curriculum in classes is really exciting to me. Teaching is really my biggest passion so I’m happy to be able to talk to teachers about how they are putting their classes together and creating new classes,” Peters said.