Mrs. P Steps Into New Role


Provided by Holy Trinity

Mrs. Pedicini celebrates the first day of school with students Sophia Panarese (R) and Cassie Martin (L). This is Mrs. Pedicini’s seventh year at Holy Trinity, but first working in administration rather than teaching.

Charlotte Varnes, Editor-in-Chief

Mrs. Pedicini’s morning greetings have long been a staple of walking through the high school hallway in the morning. However, she no longer stands at a classroom door welcoming students in; rather, she has a new spot in front of the office. While this location is not much of a move down the hall, her new role in administration as Director of Senior High Academics is quite a change from her seven years teaching AP Language and Composition at Holy Trinity. 

Mrs. P’s Lang class was legendary among students, with stories being passed down from year to year about events such as the pink flamingo essay, reading A Modest Proposal, and the ever-popular current event Fridays. The class’s fun learning environment can certainly be attributed to Mrs. P’s passion for the course and her attachment to it has not changed with her new role.

“It wasn’t necessarily about giving it [Lang] up, but I think it was just the point in my career where I needed a change,” Pedicini said. “I had been in the classroom for about 14 years, so it got to the point where I was like ‘I need a little change’. It’s kind of like when you change schools or when you change courses, so I still love Lang. I still follow all the community blogs and stuff about AP Lang, so I don’t truly think I’ll ever give it up.”

Teaching for so long allowed Mrs. P many opportunities to form connections with students, something she hopes to continue in administration despite not necessarily interacting with students every period every day.

“In my new role I’m still working with students, but it’s not direct instruction like it was in the classroom,” Pedicini said. “It’s just that little switch of not being in that role. I’ve had plenty of students in the last seven years who have siblings coming up that it’s kind of bittersweet that I’m not going to get, but I’m still here. I haven’t left and I feel like I can still project what I need to, just in a different capacity.”

In addition to building bonds with students, Mrs. P is looking forward to getting to know teachers in their classroom environments. 

“I love that I’m able to be around campus and see what everyone does and not just be inside my four little walls of my classroom,” Pedicini said. “I’m able to go out into the marsh with Mr. Lovelace and I’m able to see what Mrs. Dykes is doing, and when you’re stuck in your little box, you’re not necessarily aware of all those things, so seeing what everyone does in their classroom is going to be pretty exciting.”

Although school may just be getting into the swing of things, she has already been hard at work in order to ensure a smooth transition with curriculum changes and the new GPA scale.

“Right now it’s, for me personally, it’s getting ahold of how to build all the transcripts and to make sure that all the GPAs and everything are all aligned with the new changes with our getting rid of the A+,” Pedicini said. “That’s me learning it on this end, rather than me implementing it in the classroom with a grade. That just takes some learning and I had a little bit of a learning curve with that to make sure that everything is more seamless.”

Despite the many changes, Mrs. P is looking forward to the new challenges and experiences as Director of Senior High Academics. 

“I’m really excited,” Pedicini said. “I want the students and faculty to know that my door is always open. If they have any concerns, that’s what I’m here for. Don’t be shy.”