SGA Announces New Changes to Homecoming


Caroline Layman

Grace Dance, homecoming queen nominee, riding down to the field before the game.

Keely Menyhart, Staff Reporter

As Spirit Week approaches, Mrs. Dykes and Student Government are looking at making some changes to the old traditions. Administration is working to make the week’s festivities more exciting for the school as a whole. 

“This year we’ve decided to be a little more inclusive when it comes to who represents the classes for Spirit Week and for homecoming, so we will have a girl and a guy from seventh grade through eleventh grade representing their class when we go to vote. Then seniors will do the same with more of a guy-girl thing as well,” Dykes said.

Along with the more inclusive Spirit Week festivities, Mr Tiger and the homecoming queen will be announced at the homecoming football game and grades seven through eleven winners will be crowned at the pep rally. These changes have been made to make this year an all-school activity rather than just senior high and to be more like a traditional school’s homecoming as well as bring more of a real representation of more of the classes instead of just one. 

With these changes, there may be harsh opinions from the oldest students at the school. These changes were not just the faculty; Student Government has also weighed in on these ideas. 

“SGA was completely on board. We are in the final stages of getting to know what we can do for each spirit day and then, of course, the seventh and eighth grade will have their dance on the 12th here on campus and ninth through twelfth will have their dance across the street at the Oasis,” Dykes said. 

This year’s theme for the high school dance is Under The Sea and Spirit Week days are going to be finalized soon so students can start planning their outfits. The street party will be held again this year which will take place before the Homecoming football game.

Student Government will be making a formal announcement about the changes to the student body on September 10.