Phase One of Tiger Complex is on Track


Provided by BRPH

The newest rendering of the Tiger Complex depicts the blue track and turf field. The project is set to finish Phase One in the near future.

Ryan Mozer, Staff Reporter

As football season kicks into high gear, people can’t help but wonder what’s going on with the new Tiger Complex. Currently, the turf is completely set, and the track is being finished. Completing the track will mean the end of Phase One of Holy Trinity’s plan to build the Tiger Complex. Phase One includes laying down the turf and track. Phase Two is the straightening of Holy Trinity Drive, while also adding sidewalks, lighting, and 66 new parking spots next to the field. Phase Three, the final phase, includes the actual building next to the Tiger Complex, which will include a locker room, gym, concession stand, and much more. Colleen Middlebreaks is Head of Advancement at Holy Trinity and helps organize the schedule, the plan, and the funding for the project.

Holy Trinity is working step by step with BRPH to design the entirety of the Tiger Complex. BRPH is an architectural company that specializes in educational buildings and spaces.

“We’ve chosen them, one, because they specialize in these kinds of builds, and two, Dr. Cobb has a long relationship with that company. So there are a lot of personal relationships, and they were the right fit for what we needed,” said Middlebrooks.

Holy Trinity plans on working with BRPH in the future as well. The goal is to build a new, modern, multi-story learning environment that will be similar to the classroom in the library, but, for now, the Tiger Complex is the main priority. 

Although the idea of the Tiger Complex was introduced in Spring, 2019, the planning has been going on since Dr. Cobb first came to HT in Spring of 2017. There are many factors to consider while putting such a large scale plan into action. First, they considered if this was the best possible area to focus our money. They then had to put the idea through the Board of Trustees to make sure it got approved. The board approved the project in March of 2019, which allowed construction to begin summer 2019 of Phase One. 

“The hardest, just like with any big project, was that we just talked about it for a year, but we’ve been planning to do something big for about 18 months,” said Middlebrooks.

This process obviously isn’t cheap, with a total of $5.5 million needed to complete the entire process of the Tiger Complex. But things are looking good; out of the $5.5 million a total of $2.7 million has either been donated or pledged by parents, grandparents, alumni, and companies. 

“We are in the process of raising money to get it done. The best-case scenario is that we would have a ribbon-cutting and be completely done with the Tiger Athletic Complex next December 2020 or early 2021,” said Middlebrooks.

The Tiger Complex is the future for the progression of Tiger athletics and is a good representation of how efficiently Holy Trinity can handle big projects such as this.