Work or Social Period?


Kayla Burge

Wong and Varnes working on homework in their free period.

Claire Jackering, Sports Editor

The infamous open period. Loved by many, dreaded by some. So why would some students not enjoy their open period? Is it the fact that it is so difficult to be productive and focused?

With the addition of juniors being able to take an open period, it is almost full every period. But along with more people, there is more laughing, talking, and conversation throughout the entire period. In fact, it is usually constant and never stops as the same people are repeatedly being disrespectful to everyone else in the library. So why don’t they go somewhere else if they’re not actually going to do any work? These factors make it incredibly difficult to focus and actually get work done.

Because many HT students often have very rigorous classes like AP and honors, it is very important for the upperclassmen to be able to get work done or study during their open periods. Therefore, the distractions occurring throughout the period caused by other students are impeding their study time. Especially for athletes, they need to be able to get as much work done as possible so they don’t have to stay up as late after having a practice or game every night. These students have the right to a healthy work environment during their open period in order to maintain their grades or even improve them.

For some students, they are enrolled in online classes and have an open period reserved for taking the class. In this case, it is especially important to have a good, quiet environment for these students to work on their online classes. If these students go outside to work because it is too distracting in the library, they would be even more distracted outside as people are constantly walking by and sometimes lunch is in session. So why should the students in a class that is not an open period have to suffer because of another disrespectful student?

With as many people who have open periods throughout the school day and the amount of them who are causing others to not get work done, why is there nothing being done to prevent, or at least lessen the problem?