Speech and Debate Team Takes The Prize

Kayla Burge, Online Editor

The Speech and Debate team is making a name for themselves this year and has multiple acknowledgments to brag about. The team competed at the Florida Debate Initiative Tournament the weekend of Oct. 5 at St. Cloud High School, where there were over 200 students from a total of 18 high schools and middle schools from the Central Florida area. As for the year, the Speech and Debate team has been performing seemingly well for being a new organization at the school.

Fefe Montalvo and Faz Zaidi were awarded First Place in Novice Public Forum Debate in which they were undefeated in all sections. Montalvo explained the Novice Public Forum Debate as a “two-on-two” debate where the topics are released monthly. 

Since you don’t know which side you will be debating until you show up to the round (there are usually 3-4 at every tournament) you have to prepare for both sides,” Montalvo said.

As for the difficulty of the Novice Public Forum Debate, there are many levels. For example, there is a Varsity Public Forum that has debaters with at least over a year of experience which tends to be more difficult.

Secondly, Vice Captain Karrington Lawson won First Place in Varsity Declamation. This event is one in which you research and memorize a famous person’s speech for 10 minutes and have to present it. Karrington describes this event as difficult because the participant is not allowed to put it in their own words.

Many others on the team placed in this tournament as well. Brianna Ramnath came in Third place is Varsity Original Oratory, Sofie Alikhan and Kiren Farooqui defeated many competitors in Middle School Duo interpretation. 

This year’s speech and debate team has done well because of their stemming interest in the complex claims and compiled evidence to support an argument.