Dirt Bike Life


Andrew McCabe

Freshman Jaden McCabe travels to hills out of state to pursue his passion for dirt bike riding.

Marcos D. Correa, Staff Reporter

With wind scraping his face and filled with the thrill from jumping over hills, Jaden McCabe is happiest when dirt bike riding. On the weekends, he gets his equipment ready and heads off to the trail — sometimes in Florida, but he prefers the hills found in other states.

McCabe normally goes to Little Rock in Kentucky, but recently he went to northern Alabama and also met with some friends in Tennessee.

The trails involve dangerous paths over high and rocky mountains. The feeling of going 55 mph over the terrain fills his heart with thrill and adrenaline.

“It gets me in the zone. It feels like I am in another world,” said McCabe.

He says that every time he goes out with his friends, he has a great time, but he has to keep in mind the dangers that lurk. McCabe remembers an instance in which he was going down a hill at super-fast speeds then suddenly when he tried to hit the brake he couldn’t reach it.

“I fell headfirst into a rock. I could have gotten a concussion,” said McCabe.

This could have been a very serious situation, but fortunately, he followed his safety guidelines and had the necessary protection, such as his helmet.

When McCabe was seven years old he was going around a cliff, then he suddenly lost control and was heading straight to the edge. He jumped off of the bike and the bike almost fell over the cliff, but fortunately, it hit a tree — without him on it.

The thrill of going down a hill at super-fast speeds, he says, is something that will keep him on his dirt bike for the rest of his life.