Boys Soccer Looking to Stay on Top this Season


Layla Mathews

Senior Jackson Mariani dribbles the ball down the field against MCC.

Layla Mathews, Photo Editor

After coming off of winning districts last year, Holy Trinity’s varsity boys soccer is looking to keep their title this season. With only seven seniors this year, the team looks to them as strong leaders to help get to district finals this year. Coach Adrian Moreno has set some goals for this years team and believes that the team will rise up to expectations.

“The goals for this season is to hopefully have a winning season and make it to district finals and win it, it’s a new district for us and I think it’s doable,” says Moreno.  

The captains, Edward Marr and Ryan Mozer, are seasoned veterans when it comes to Holy Trinity soccer, with Mozer being on varsity for three years and Marr being on the team for four. They also feel that the team should be successful going into the postseason. 

“We want to make sure that we continue to win to be number one in the district as well as be seeded pretty well going into the playoffs,” says Marr.

Senior Jackson Mariani has been a great addition to the team on defense. Even though this is only his second year on the team, he has secured a starting spot and is also seen as a leader by the underclassmen. 

“All the underclassmen are playing really well, since there aren’t many seniors, they’ve definitely stepped up to the job,” says Mariani. 

Especially in high pressure moments,  the younger players, like juniors Ty Schrumpf and Luc Chaffiot stepped up through the season. Schrumpf and Chaffiot were some of the key players in Holy Trinity’s second win against MCC where they held them to 6-0. Chaffiot scored two out of the six goals that night, and Schrumpf’s defense kept MCC scoreless. 

“We’ve got to come out hard and with the same mentality every time in order to win, basically just play hard or go home,” says Schrumpf. 

With their next game against Centennial in Port St. Lucie on the 24th, the boys are looking to maintain their winning record of 4-2-1. As of now the team is the top spot in their district and hope to stay that way this year.