Turning Back Time


Isabella Weiner

HT alumni from the class of 2003 help President Dr. Cobb unveil the 2000-2020 time capsule containing uniforms, newspapers, and original HT files.

Claire Jackering, Editor-In-Chief

One of the many events that happened over the summer was the discovery of HT’s time capsule from the year 2000. Especially during a year like 2020, a time capsule may have been one of the last things to be expected to show up. On Thursday, September 10, the time capsule was unveiled in front of the student body and on a live stream for anyone off-campus. 

Former headmaster, Catherine Ford, and alumni from the class of 2003 came to visit the campus and help open the time capsule.

Inside the capsule was various items dating back to the very beginning of the HT upper campus including p.e class uniforms, many different everyday uniform clothing items, and accessories that made you think ‘Did they actually wear these?’ The plaid shorts, green polo, and extremely faded navy blue polo highlighted some of the findings. 

Other than clothing items, there was also a copy of Florida Today that included a copy of TV Weekly. There were also copies of HT documents varying from a school directory, Tiger Tracks, and a homecoming flyer featuring the football team and the class of 2003. 

One of the main highlights of the capsule was a note from Ford describing what she hoped HT, and the rest of the world would be like in 2020. However, 2020 has definitely not turned out to be what anyone could have expected to be. 

In comparison to the year 2000, 2020 could be described very similarly: a Presidential election, and a pandemic on a much smaller scale with mad cow disease. 

Even though 2020 has been a year of unexpected and tragic events, this time capsule from 2000 gave HT a little light at the end of the tunnel in hopes for the next edition to be the same feeling in 2040.

What would you like HT students to see in a time capsule 20 years from now?