Learning About Lugaro


Isabella Weiner

Rosaly Lugaro is the newest member of the Holy Trinity Counseling team and has been pursuing a career in college counseling since 2010.

Annabelle Woods, Staff Reporter

Every morning, Rosaly Lugaro wakes up and makes the one hour and twenty-minute drive from Orlando to Holy Trinity. She jams out to Ed Sheeran, chats with family, and listens to her current audiobook (right now it’s “Wait, What?” by James E. Ryan) as she drives. As the newest member of the Holy Trinity college counseling team, she’s just getting used to the firsts of many drives to and from school.

Lugaro was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where her older siblings, parents, and extended family still live. The tropical climate is one of the reasons Lugaro chose Florida as home; she has been living in Orlando for fourteen years now. Lugaro has two kids, a twenty-five-year-old daughter, and a twenty-three-year-old son, along with her Yorkie, Moccachino, whom she “inherited” when her kids left for college. 

Before entering the college counseling field, Lugaro worked with the armed forces under accounting and human resources. Working with the military allowed her to indulge in one of her favorite hobbies: traveling! Lugaro had the opportunity to live in many exotic places; one of her favorites being Germany.

“The more I travel the more I learn how little I know. I love to talk to people because then I learn how they think,” Lugaro said.

Lugaro is used to the active lifestyle, so after a move to Texas, she found herself looking for more opportunities and things to do. She began volunteering with the local school her children attended in 2004, which sparked her interest in college counseling. Lugaro went on to receive her counseling and psychology degree from Troy University in 2010 while she was living in Alabama and has been in counseling since.

In her free time, Lugaro enjoys trying new restaurants with her friends. Right now her favorite Melbourne spot is Frigates, but she is always on the hunt for the best food in Melbourne. Lugaro also loves camping in her travel trailer; sometimes her kids are invited and sometimes they aren’t.

A piece of advice Lugaro has for students is to celebrate each day. When she was in high school, Lugaro took very challenging classes and had little free time outside of school. When she thinks back, she wishes she had taken more time to have fun and hang out with friends. 

“When you get up in the morning you have twenty-four hours. You get to choose how you are going to live those twenty-four hours. You only have today; you can sit back and say I choose to be happy and be positive or choose to be miserable and cranky all day. Don’t be cranky, that will give you wrinkles,” Lugaro said.

Lugaro is excited to get to know all the students at Holy Trinity and hopes they stop by to say hello. 

“I am very open-minded so it doesn’t matter what my students are saying to me I’m not here to judge anybody. Life’s too short to not be happy, so I encourage all my students to be themselves, don’t hurt anybody, don’t hurt themselves and as long as they’re happy, life will just bring them joy because it’s about the attitude. It’s about the way they see things,” Lugaro said. 

Lugaro is available in the College Office every school day. You can reach her at her email: [email protected] or by messaging her on OnCampus.