Girls Golf Tees Off for the New Season


The Holy Trinity Girls Golf Team has had to adjust to new regulations for the 2020 High School golf season.

Amelia DeVries, Staff Reporter

The continued threat of COVID-19 has kept many high school athletes from participating in sports. Schools have both canceled and delayed the start of seasons much to the dismay of the players. The Holy Trinity girls Golf Team, however, has been able to play during the usual season thanks to the solitary nature of golf.  

“The ladies’ golf team is taking great care to be safe in the time of COVID. Thankfully golf is an easier sport to socially distance-especially since your competitor will be swinging a big club and you can’t get closer than 6 feet or you may get hit,” Ben Rotgers, the team coach said. 

COVID-19 hasn’t had as much of an impact on golfing as it does other sports, since a typical golf range is open-aired and large. 

“COVID hasn’t changed too many aspects of golf itself as a game since we tend to be farther away from our other players; it lends itself to being a safer sport,” Rotgers said.

The girls’ team does make sure to still take precautions, despite the relatively low risk of contact in golf.  

“The flagstick stays in the hole, and players are not allowed to hand other players their clubs or other equipment,” Rotgers said. “Players have also scored electronically-so no shared scorecards. Before every practice, there are temperature checks and health questions. Face coverings are required if players are in closer proximity to others.”  

This year’s fall season started on Thursday, September 10th, with a win against the Melbourne Central Catholic golf team.

“The Score was 185 to 213-and in golf the lower score is better. MCC has always been one of the toughest competitors, but also one of the best friends on the course,” Rotgers said. “Our ladies have put in a tremendous amount of hard work to become a very difficult team to beat. Our very own sophomore Emma Baumgartner was Medalist of the Match with a score of 40 for 9 holes.” 

The team has many tough matches ahead of them, including rounds against MCC, Cocoa Beach, Edgewood, and Westshore. 

“Our biggest goal is to be competitive with Viera High School. They are a much bigger school than we are, as well as a past state champion. We would truly like to win against them and were very close last year,” Rotgers said.

The team is led by senior captain Avery Kenney, and co-captain, senior Ellen Choi. 

“We have two great returning captains, Avery Kenney and Co-Captain Ellen Choi. These ladies have always led by the best example on and off the course,” Rotgers said. 

There are four new players being welcomed onto the girls’ team as well as the two aforementioned seniors.  

“As a coach, I am very fortunate to have such a great team and an incredible group of ladies that work hard and are always positive. They always try their best even when the day is hot and they have a lot of homework to go home to. I also coach my daughter on the team, which is one of my favorite things,” Rotgers said. 

“In closing, I am very proud of all our players, and especially our seniors that have worked hard to become exceptional players.” 

The next match takes place against Cocoa Beach and Rockledge at Suntree Country Club on Tuesday the 22nd. Good luck to the girls’ golf team!