Putting the Home in Homework


Keely Menyhart, Online Editor

The routine most everyone has held onto for their entire school career looks something like waking up at 6 in the morning to get ready for school, grab a cup of coffee, and hop in your car to go see your friends at school. Though, for this year, some students have either decided or had to abandon that completely. 

Now, waking up at 7:45 just to saunter down the stairs to make your coffee and have a minute to breathe before getting ready for school has become the norm, since that now only entails setting up your computer and getting comfortable for the next couple hours of classes.

When logging in to your school day each morning, you have to make an extremely hard choice of what shirt to wear since from the shoulders up is what all of your teachers and classmates will be seeing all day. The choice between a sweatshirt or a T-shirt is the most difficult choice that has to be made before setting up for school.

I have a desk in my room where I set up for the day so one thing added to my list of getting ready in the morning is making my bed. Once I get the sleep rubbed out of my eyes, make my bed, and a cup of coffee, I am able to get my notebook and be ready for my first class. That is where I say for the majority of my school day besides getting lunch from my kitchen. 

Granted the downsides come with not being able to see my friends every day in person and having very little motivation to get out of bed since there is no need to drive to get to my class on time. Not having any in-person conversations is definitely not too helpful when it comes to the social aspect of school but there are more ways than ever to get around the roadblock of communication from far distances. As for motivation, or lack thereof, having little things to look forward to has helped me out a lot, like getting to make another cup of coffee or tea after finishing my first one.

Though, the concept of working from home is not as horrible as it may seem. Teachers are extremely accommodating when it comes to including online students and getting students the information they need for their courses. Having to balance an in-person class along with an online class has to be challenging and my teachers have been amazing at keeping remote learners engaged.