Chilling Childhood Classics


Isabella Weiner

The chills that children get from movies can stay with people for the rest of their lives.

Isabella Weiner, Staff Reporter

As a kid, Halloween is a time for eating inhuman amounts of candy from strangers, dressing up in costumes ranging from fairy princesses to gory serial killers, and being traumatized by terrifying experiences that will haunt nightmares for years to come. Holy Trinity teachers and students remember scary movies that still give goosebumps after terrifying them as kids.

For eighth-grader Zack Gunderson, this movie was Chucky, a slasher classic about a doll possessed by a serial killer. 

“It had scary dolls and axes and I didn’t like it,” said Gunderson.

English teacher Carinn Mariani also remembers being spooked by horror classics, especially by seeing Stephen King novels like Carrie and Kujo come to life on the big screen. However, the movie that stays with her the most is Amityville Horror, in which a family moves into a house filled with evil spirits.

“I will never forget the scene of the flies that cover the windows of this old house when the presence of evil is there,” Mariani recalled.

Other students, however, are haunted by movies that aren’t exactly the typical horror genre, and monsters that aren’t all made up.

The Scooby-Doo franchise centers around a group of mystery-solving teens and a talking dog, using revealing the elaborate schemes of people posing as the supernatural. While these mysteries are generally considered family-friendly, they kept one Holy Trinity junior up at night.

“I couldn’t sleep after watching Scooby-Doo,” said Junior Skye Godfrey. “Even though they were people, [the monsters] scared me anyway!”

Senior Jaiden Martin also has a controversial “scary” childhood movie, terrified of the Lord of the Rings. 

“There was a lot of dark imagery and fighting…and that scene when [Galadriel] turned green and started glowing, that was scary,” Martin said.

Regardless of what kind of movie calls for hiding behind a pillow, this Halloween, there will be plenty of scary movies to choose from to create new horrifying nightmares for years to come.