The Annual Cross Country Costume Contest


Isabella Weiner

The captains and coach of the Holy Trinity Cross County team pose to commemorate the tradition.

Emerson Euziere, Staff Reporter

Last Friday, October 23, the boys and girls varsity cross country team participated in a fun costume contest to celebrate Halloween. This tradition that they do every year brought some very interesting costumes. 

The team wakes up very early like they always do, but this time they get dressed in the best costumes that they could come up with. After that, they have to go to school and hit their workout in their costumes which were very difficult to do.

“Running in the costumes was very hard and I had to run in a flannel,” said sophomore Bianca Fontatnin. 

This is Fontanin’s first year participating in the event and she chose to dress up as senior member and captain, Isabella Weiner.

After the team gets back from their run they have a costume contest to decide who had the best costume this year. Freshman Sophia Weiner got the majority vote as she chose to dress up as senior member and captain, Jaiden Martin. 

The reward for the winners was that they got to pie in the face whoever they would like. 

“We were told to stand in line and close our eyes so we didn’t know who was going to pie who,” said Fontanin. 

Sophia Weiner got to pie senior captain Matthew Allen and eight graders Janaly Taveres and Kate Schwinn pied Jaiden Martin in the face.

Even Coach Bailey was getting in on the fun by telling the winners how to strategize and pick the people that they were going to pie in the face. Coach Bailey got to pie Isabella Weiner in the face.

“He got really into the whole thing,” said Isabella Weiner. 

All three of the captains ended up getting a pie to the face. 

Although the winners of the contest had the best costumes, they are still some that should be appreciated. 

“My favorite costume was the full spider man suit that Matthew Allen was wearing,” said Fontanin.

Every year the team holds this event on the practice that is closest to Halloween but this year the team had to do it earlier because districts are coming up and they would like to focus on performing their best. 

With the season going well it was good to put aside seriousness and have a little fun for Halloween.