Tea Time with The Growl Staff


Jim Hale

The preferred tea when making the practically perfect cup is Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold.

Claire Jackering, Editor-in-Chief

The Growl’s Online Editor, Keely Menyhart has previously expressed her feelings towards her daily ritual of tea drinking while remotely learning during the first semester of the school year. Menyhart’s tea became a topic of discussion while telling the newspaper staff the story of how stores in the Melbourne area no longer carry her favorite tea, Yorkshire Gold. After learning so much about how good this rare tea was, the staff advisor, Jim Hale, purchased a box from Amazon. A few bags were given to members of the staff to try on their own. Here are their opinions:

Isabella Weiner

At first, the tea was bitter, but the milk and sugar quickly transformed it into an earthy, comforting sensation. As I sipped my tea, I was struck with the urge to speak with a British accent and walk through the rainy halls of Hogwarts with Paddington. Then, the sight of a patriotic flag awakened the desire to toss it into my swimming pool, but alas, it was too good. Suddenly craving crumpets, I added warm chocolate chip banana bread, then said cheerio to return to my homework. Three days later, I was drinking the tea again, but I was running out. I’d learned about the high caffeine content, but I’d become addicted. I couldn’t stop. No other tea tasted the same. DO NOT try the bloody tea, mate – you will never escape.

Amelia DeVries

I’ll preface my thoughts by saying that I have a strong hatred for all hot drinks. I was dreading drinking the tea from the moment I poured boiling water into my limited edition Disney mug. I sipped this tea expecting to despise it, but I was pleasantly surprised by how mild the taste was and how the heat didn’t affect my enjoyment. It was like I was drinking tea made from the loving hands of a little old British nanny. The tea was fairly mild but still flavorful and was filled with a certain flair I could only describe as rural Britain essence. After drinking about half the cup, I caved into my base instincts and poured the tea over ice. I’m sure Keely is horrified by this act of sacrilege performed upon an innocent cup of tea, but I just can’t stand hot drinks. I’m incredibly happy that I tried the tea, though. I have lived with a strong bias against hot tea ever since I was a child, and I’m glad Keely made me realize that hot tea was actually good.

Emerson Euziere

I am not particularly a huge fan of tea. It’s tolerable but it would not be my first choice. When I first took a sip of the tea I thought it was kind of bitter but the aftertaste was really good. I was not sure what to think about putting milk in tea but after I tasted it I thought it was what pulled it together. The flavors mixed well and tasted not like normal tea that I would have drunk. I believe that this is the one tea that I have enjoyed drinking and I would definitely make it again.

Annabelle Woods

I’m not a big tea person, so I was not sure what to expect from the tea. Sometimes tea can be really herby and overpowering; I was really hoping it wouldn’t be too strong. The short steep time made it still flavorful but not too much. I also wasn’t sure what to expect with the milk, but I actually enjoyed it a lot! I wish I had considered the fact that tea has caffeine in it because I decided to try the tea Sunday night at around 10:00 and I could not go to sleep until around 1:00. But that’s on me. I would highly recommend everyone try this tea, especially if you don’t like tea or are a novice tea drinker like me. Keely is a tea GODDESS who deserves to be knighted for her exemplar tea advisory.

Claire Jackering

For a while last year, I tried to convince myself that I could become a tea person; it never happened. A soon gave up on that dream until Keely talked about her tea. I decided it was a good time to try again to become a tea drinker. I prepared it exactly that way Keely suggests (I even set a timer to make sure the timing was right). I filmed my initial reaction so Keely could see it too. The first sip confused me, and at first, I thought it was good enough to have a second. I was incorrect. After the second sip, I was reminded why I am not a tea drinker-the aftertaste. After the second sip, I set the tea down and made myself a regular cup of coffee. Even though this tea was not fully drinkable for me, it is the only one that has led me to take more than one sip. So in this case, it is the best tea I have ever had.

Mr. Hale

Coffee is my morning drink — bold with a splash of half n half. I have also been a lifetime tea drinker (yes, I know that is a lot of years!). But in all that time I have NEVER put milk or cream in my tea, and I have sometimes added honey, but never straight sugar. I purchased Yorkshire Gold online from Amazon and made a cup exactly the way Keely suggested. I enjoyed it very much, and have enjoyed several cups since then — without sugar. I enjoyed the tea in all its preparations, but will probably drink it mostly with nothing added except an occasional splash of half n half.


Here’s how to brew your own cup of Menyhart’s favorite tea, Yorkshire Gold:

Step 1: 

Heat up your water to the desired heat preferably just under a rolling boil 

Step 2: 

Fill your mug with your water leaving just about a ¼ inch at the top 

Step 3: 

Place your tea bag in the water and start stirring

Step 4: 

Only steep your tea for about a minute to a minute and 15 seconds

Step 5: 

Take your teabag out of the water and squeeze the bag with your spoon against the side of the cup making sure to properly drain your tea bag before throwing it out. 

Step 6: 

Place 1-2 tsp of sugar in your tea (2 is my personal preference) Don’t Stir yet.

Step 7: 

Take a splash of milk making sure that it is not too much

Step 8:

 Stir your tea, milk, and sugar together until all of your sugar at the bottom has disintegrated.

Step 9:

 Enjoy your cup of tea 🙂

(These amounts are the best starting point and coming from personal preference if you desire more sugar/milk or longer steeping time that is up to your own discretion)