A Rising Volleyball Star


Eighth-grader Isabelle Clark, left, joined freshman Brianna Wakefield on this year’s HT varsity volleyball team.

Dani Desrochers, Staff Reporter

With hearty passion, exceptional devotion, and a strong work ethic, varsity athlete, Isabelle Clark, joined Holy Trinity’s volleyball team this year as an eighth-grader, which is rare for the HT varsity team.

She began playing basketball and soccer but soon learned that volleyball was the sport for her. She says the main reason being, “I don’t like to run.” Clark has been playing volleyball since she was in fifth grade, and fell in love with the sport. She grew up watching her sister play in high school and she was one of her biggest inspirations. 

Clark did not walk into this season with varsity intentions. She began this summer working hard every day to improve her skills, and only decided to go for varsity tryouts when a friend made the suggestion. With no expectations of making the team, Clark tried out and was pleasantly surprised when she made the varsity team. With practice every day until 5:00 p.m, Clark gave her all to the sport and learned so much. 

“I learned how to see the plays more, see the block, and adjust to it,” she said. 

Clark’s favorite part of the game is the rush she gets. “I get excited when I make a block or a kill,” 

She says that in general, “I am much happier when I play volleyball.” Even when the game is not going her team’s way, she still gives it her all and has a good time. Clark is also very competitive, which gives her the drive and passion she has for not only volleyball, but competition in general. “I usually compare myself to last year to improve my game,” said Clark.

Clark was welcomed with wide arms onto the team this year made up of all high school students. “It was scary at first but now it’s fun,” she said. 

Part of playing at the varsity level is taking the coach’s criticism, and Clark says she has learned to take it all in stride and improve her game every day. She played for both the club team Cape Coast, and for the Holy Trinity varsity team.  

COVID-19 had a strong impact on Clark and her team. She says one of the things that she missed the most was no team bonding activities and having a shorter season to play. 

Clark has worked extremely hard for her goals and wants to continue to work to achieve her dreams in the future too. The varsity team is only the beginning.