Hobby turns to business


Sydney Bouchard

Senior Alex Davenport uses the app Curtsy to sell clothes online.

Sydney Bouchard, Staff Reporter

During the COVID-19 quarantine over the months of April and May, some students took up hobbies to keep them entertained. While some students decided to create small businesses or attempt to bake, Alex Danverport tried out Curtsy. 

Trying to stay busy during the quarantine, Davenport downloaded an app called Curtsy, which is a platform to buy and sell clothes. She first heard about the Curtsy app through her friend Mia, who was using the app to shop. 

“I started buying and selling lots of clothes, and then I got my other friends in on it, too,” said Davenport. 

“I have sold about 52 pieces, including jeans, t-shirts, and bikinis,” she said. In total, Davenport has made about $800 and has spent her money on almost everything, ranging from eyelash extensions to clothes.  

While Davenport has sold a lot of her belongings on the Curtsy app, she also has bought items, too. She has bought 18 items from sellers off of Curtsy, including a few skirts, Levi’s jeans, a top, and a few things for spirit week. 

“I would definitely recommend this app to other people because it is an easy and quick way to make money,” said Davenport.