FCA, It’s Early But It’s Worth It!

Annabelle Woods, Staff Reporter

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is an international non-profit organization that gathers athletes together through faith. It was founded in 1954 by Don McClanen and today, the organization has spread to over 100 countries.

This year, the HT FCA is under the leadership of English teacher, Sarah Brown and President Avery Kenney. They hope to become more involved with the HT sports teams and attend games or meets to pray with students before they play. 

“Something new we’re trying this year is we’re trying to do more outreach towards the sports teams. Instead of just meeting during school, we’re now going out to games that the teams are having and we’re going to pray for them and give them care packages,” Kenney said.

The FCA meets the first Thursday of every month in Mrs. Brown’s room (# 212) at 7:20 in the morning. Doughnuts and coffee are always offered, and as the members famously say, “it’s early but it’s worth it”! 

Everyone is welcome, athlete, or not. Even if you don’t know much about Christianity or are just looking to learn more about God, the FCA encourages anyone to come. 

“Anyone’s welcome, even if you don’t play a sport you’re always welcome. Just come out to one of the meetings and see what it’s like! One of our FCA representatives doesn’t even play a sport, she just works out. You can come in with no knowledge of Christianity and we’ll help you through it,” Kenny said.

Kenny hopes the meetings will be a place for Christians to grow their faith together. While she is looking for the group to grow, she also wants the members to grow closer together and be able to depend on each other as fellow Christians.

If you are interested in growing your faith or learning more about Christianity, come to FCA or talk to president Avery Kenny, Vice President Grace Rush, or one of the representatives: Ellen Choi, John DeLuca, Hunter Hammond, Davis Hattaway, and Annabelle Woods.