Heavier Homework


Shelby Reeve

Like many freshmen, Dani Desrochers is adjusting to the heavier load of homework in high school.

Shelby Reeve, Staff Reporter

The list of changes students go through when moving up from junior high to high school is ongoing. Though, one particular change students struggle the most with is the substantial amount of homework and school work given in high school compared to junior high school. 

“I definitely have more homework now. I also have a lot more tests to study for which takes more time, and it makes my workload more every night,” said freshman Maya Collins. 

The time students spend on homework can vary nightly depending on what is going on in each class everyday. But what some students seem to all have in common is that they will be working on homework for 2-3 hours every night, compared to junior high where they only usually had 30 minutes to an hour of homework everyday. 

It seems that students also struggle with being able to enjoy their life outside of school because of how much more homework they have now in high school. Many students at Holy Trinity play sports and struggle with getting homework done before and after practices. 

“I play competitive volleyball and so I have to try and do my homework and get it done so that I can go to practice,” said Collins. “Because I have to make a long commute,  I get home really late, and I want to make sure I can get my homework done before so I don’t have to worry about it after the fact.” 

Not only are students struggling with getting homework done before practices and games but now weekends are being taken away from them. So not even students’ days off can be enjoyed due to having homework to finish before the start of the new week. 

“I have to do it over the weekend and I can’t enjoy my weekend because I’m too busy finishing work from the last week,” said freshman Allison LaGrone.

The National Education Association states that all students should have about 1 hour of homework each night; which is about 10 minutes of homework for each class. 

“To me we should have a max of two hours of homework each night no more than that,” said freshman Alya Dzheneva.

With this amount of homework students may feel less stressed about the amount of homework they have to complete by the following day. They also don’t have to feel like after ending school for the day, they have more school to do.