New Fencing and Gates Being Built


Bianca Fontanin

New fencing and gate shave recently been built along the car line in front of the Scott Center.

Bianca Fontanin, Staff Reporter

Within the past weeks, a new fence and gates have been built along the car line in front of The Scott Center.  

The idea for a new gate came from several Holy Trinity families that were concerned about the safety of the students and faculty at the school. These families suggested that more fencing should be put around the campus and told Dr. Katherine Cobb, president of Holy Trinity, that if the school added more fencing, they would help pay for it.

The original project the school set out to make the campus safer only consisted of adding a new gate on Holy Trinity Dr. The addition of the new gates along the car line were just recently added to this project.

The new fencing will eventually extend to the softball field. The exact date it will be finished is unknown, but it should be finished before the new school year

The fence will include additional entrances and exits, not just the ones that are currently in front of the car line. The school is also going to add a push bar to the gate to exit it and a device that will allow you to be buzzed back into the school if you are entering the school through the gate

Despite rumors, the new gate was not built because of the recent false code red drill at the school.  The school has talked about adding more fencing to the campus since September of last year. The back entrance to the school on Holy Trinity Drive used to have a padlock fence. On multiple occasions, the padlock would not work and people would get locked inside the school. The school’s solution was to replace the gate with a new electric one.