New Classroom Building Planned


Kendall Johnson

A new classroom building will be built in the space between the junior high and the gym.

Kendall Johnson, Staff Reporter

The Holy Trinity Upper School has had many exciting changes happen to the campus in the past couple years. Construction was completed on a new track and field, and the new Athletic Complex. The Athletic Complex broke ground in early 2020 and was available for use as fall sports were still being played. It is constantly used by students and faculty for weight training, cardio, and concessions offered after school. It is also used by track and other field sports for the locker room. 

Future endeavors for Holy Trinity include updates to old classrooms, the Tiger Cafe, and adding fencing to the school. Another project that is in the planning phase is the addition of a classroom building in-between the junior high building and the gym. 

“Right now we’re assessing everything on this main part of the campus that might need to be updated,” said Colleen Middlebrooks, the Director of Advancement for Holy Trinity. 

Middlebrooks also said that architects have been visiting the campus to give the school a better understanding of what the entire campus’s master plan will look like in future years. Referring to the new academic building, Middlebrooks said, “What I think is going to happen is that there might be a smaller classroom building in that space, but a lot of the current classrooms will get updated.” The academic building and updates are to be finished within the next 2-3 years. 

In addition to the classrooms being updated, the entrance and exit of the school will be updated as well, making it safer for students and more aesthetically pleasing. Middlebrooks also mentioned that the Board of Trustees is thinking about moving the softball and baseball fields to the back property of the school, possibly making more space for future buildings closer to the school.