ABC schedule was victim of COVID


Sydney Bouchard

With the A.B.C. schedule, the last three periods of the day rotate on a weekly basis.

Sydney Bouchard, Staff Reporter

The 2020-2021 Holy Trinity school year has had a variety of changes as a result of the pandemic, including changes to the schedule. In the “A,B,C” rotation schedule, the last three periods of the school day alternate weekly. The rotation schedule disappeared this year, leaving students with questions about its purpose, reason for its absence, and if it will return next year. 

Stefanie Pedicini, director of senior high academics, said, “The purpose of the A,B,C rotation schedule was for athletics and various things. It rotates throughout the afternoon so the students were not missing the same periods.”

The rotating schedule was difficult to implement during this school year due to the pandemic. Having a different schedule every week would be difficult for the online students to keep track of. 

“Because of COVID and remote learning this year, we removed the rotating schedule to make it more uniform,” said Pedicini. “Bringing back the rotation schedule is something we will be discussing this summer”

With the possible return of the rotation schedule for the 20221-2022 schedule, some students debate on the benefits of it. Some administrators believe it is more beneficial than a normal schedule. 

Pedicini said, “I definitely think the rotating schedule outweighs some of the things we have seen this year with the constant 1-7 schedule. But, we want to make sure the rotating schedule works for everybody.”