No change to community service requirements


Jim Hale

Students have transitioned to an app to record and track their community service hours.

Ryan Mel, Staff Reporter

Community service hours have been one of the many things that have changed without much notice due to COVID-19. The sole purpose of community service hours is to help give back to the community and do what we can, said Chaplain Jared Jones. 

“Being Holy Trinity and having the platform to do the kind of things we have done is just amazing; although the colleges do like having students that have a certain amount of volunteer work, it is not the main reason we require the hours. The main reason is to help people that need to be helped with things,” said Jones.

Many students are not sure how many hours they need this year to stay on track and what they are allowed to do and also how to use the app Treedom. Stefanie Pedicini, director of senior high academics, said that there will be no change to the 100 hour requirement for graduation and that the students are expected to meet the quota. Pedicini said that 25 hours a year requirement is not being strictly enforced due to COVID. The administration has agreed that as long as there is some progress they will accept those hours with the expectation that the rest will be made up later. 

Administration has issued the app Treedom that many students are now familiar with after months of trying to get information. This app is intended to replace the hard copies that were originally used to administer community service hours prior to COVID-19. 

“This app is configuratively difficult to use and very inconvenient for the students and many want the old hard copies back,” said the sophomore Luke Moore.