Old weight room to get makeover


Kendal Johnson

The old weight room will continue to meet the needs of HT athletes.

Conor Knight, Staff Reporter

In the previous years, athletes have enjoyed the benefits of having a weight room in close proximity within the gymnasium. With the construction of the new Shah Athletic Complex, the Marcus Maye strength and conditioning center provides Holy Trinity athletes with new weight equipment and machines. So what will come of the old room in the gym?

According to Athletic Director James Phillips, the room will be transformed into a multi-purpose athletic room. “It will be used for a limited amount of weight training, it will be used as a cardio area, and it will also double-up for an area for an athletic trainer,” he said.. 

The plan is to remove the old weight equipment and replace it with newer and more basic weights. The old treadmill will be replaced and a new ergometer, also known as a rowing machine, wil be purchased. The room will also serve as a recovery room for those athletes who play closer to the main campus, or for a medical emergency.