More updates planned for athletic facilities


Robert Varnes

The practice field needs attention after being used as staging area for stadium upgrades.

Robert Varnes, Staff Reporter

Holy Trinity’s new athletic facility has been an outstanding resource for student athletes. The school has done an excellent job maintaining it and allowing students, alumni, teachers, and others full access, while maintaining a safe and clean experience during the pandemic. 

Throughout the process, Holy Trinity has not skipped a beat. The school is constantly looking toward future improvements to HT’s athletic facilities.

One looming need that has been observed by those playing field sports is the practice field. Since the construction of the athletic facility, the field had become less grass and more dirt. 

As many saw during the facility’s creation, “the practice field was used as the staging area for a lot of the construction,” said Coleen Middlebrooks, Holy Trinity’s Director of Advancement. “Over spring break they redid the irrigation, and it’s my understanding that there are plans to put in new sod so grass will grow,” she said. Since spring break, the field has already gotten greener and looks to be back in peak condition soon.

Another area of interest in the HT community is the large lot on Holy Trinity Drive across from the practice field. The lot is used as extra parking for athletic events and practices. “It is called the FIND lot and stands for Florida Inland Navigation District,” said Middlebrooks. “It’s protected land by the government, so we can’t build on it, but we can use it as a parking area,” she added. The lot will continue to be used as it is now, for parking.

Holy Trinity’s administration is always coming up with new, potential ideas for the future. “We are looking at other things we can possibly have one day, like lights on the baseball and softball fields, or a sand volleyball court,” said Middlebrooks. While neither of these ideas are set in stone, they give students and faculty a look into what the future may hold for Holy Trinity athletics.