Curriculum always changing to meet student needs


Holy Trinity offers a wide selection of courses across multiple areas of study.

Reagan Haridopolos, Staff Reporter

Each year Holy Trinity is improving the curriculum and making revisions to meet students’ needs. Adding a variety of classes, especially electives, is a great way to give students more choices about their education.

Junior Bella Johnson suggests that an additional half semester class should be added where students are able to go to the athletic center and use that area for what best works for them. In general she says there should be more half semester classes available so students can have more flexibility when making their schedule. 

Freshman Will Whipple says he would like to see a class that pertains to life skills like woodwork or cooking. “I also think it would be really cool if Holy Trinity offered an engineering class,” says Whipple.

“I would really be interested in a microeconomics class,” says freshman Alexis Lapp.

Math and P.E. teacher Susan Welch suggested that a sports medicine class would be great at HT. 

Around January before the following school year, faculty start discussing the next year’s classes in order to be prepared for life on campus for the next year. The course selection guide is then made and updated.

Cyndi Buist, head of senior high, discussed that the idea about a cooking class has been brought up quite often. However, HT does not currently have an ideal kitchen space that the class would need. An alternative mentioned would be to have a kitchen off campus available to students to go to like an after school program.

Here are some classes that are returning and some new additional classes that are set for the 2021-2022 school year.

  • Forensics Science 
  • AP Biology
  • Earth and Space Science
  • American Military History
  • Racket Sports
  • AP Comparative Government 
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • AP microEconomics
  • Second course of Creativity Innovation and Entrepreneurship to the dual enrollment class at FIT.