Football has added depth and bigger goals


Quarterback Ty Englehart looks downfield as he rolls out of the pocket.

Robert Varnes

As school begins, so does the anticipation for the epic highs and lows of high school football. Poised for a great season, HT football had to cancel its preseason home game Friday, August 20th against the Atlantic High Sharks out of Port Orange due to a confirmed COVID case within the Tiger locker room. The first season back since last year’s whirlwind of uncertainty regarding team scheduling due to COVID, the Tigers are looking to make a statement early on. 

Having a larger than usual number of new additions will give key-depth players the opportunity to catch their breaths. Last year’s roster sat at as high as 18, while this year’s team has 35 players, with room to grow. Senior quarterback Ty Englehart, one of those new names, looks to lead the Tigers into battle. The start of every new season brings high hopes, with this year’s being to “make a run in the playoffs,” he said. Having transferred to HT from Melbourne High in last year’s spring semester, Englehart has had to create team chemistry with new teammates. “A lot of us have gotten closer over the summer, and the new guys fit right in,” said Englehart. 

Entering his seventh season as HT’s head coach, Nate Hooks looks to continue building a name for the football program. “We not only have the depth now, but the talent level is very high as well,” he said. Many of the new players on the team are not only talented but young, too. “As a head coach, every game is most important, but one that sticks out is week one against MCC,” Hooks said. Since the beginning of HT sports the Tigers have rivaled MCC, and every year it seems to be the most anticipated game of the season. Each game matters for HT, as the team is set to attempt to accomplish what no other Tiger football team has done. “Three years in a row we’ve made it to the regional semifinals—that’s not the goal anymore,” said Hooks. With an emphasis being placed on the importance of each game, the ultimate goal is the regional final. 

That goal seems to spread throughout the team. “The team just needs to stay healthy throughout the year so we can make the best playoff run in school history,” said Jadon Gowins, senior running back for the Tigers. As the season begins, the team is focusing more on the little things in preparation for those bigger games down the stretch. “We just want to get everything together, have some fun, and win games,” said Gowins. 

With lots of talent, depth, and the right mindset, Holy Trinity football is going into the 2021 season prepared for whatever may come its way.