New school year brings changes


Students returning to school are still required to wear masks indoors

Shelby Reeve

Holy Trinity students and teachers have noticed many changes leading into the 2021-22 school year. With COVID-19 leading to multiple changes to the 2020-21 school year, many of these changes have continued into the new school year with some modifications. 

Masks are only being required to be worn on the inside of classrooms and buildings, and are no longer required when outside. Numbers for COVID-19 are continuously being monitored for the hope of not having to make masks required for the full year. Teachers also are no longer having to wipe down desks in between each class during the day. However, teachers are still given hand sanitizer and wipes for each class. 

Along with minor changes to when masks are allowed to be taken off and one less extra step in teachers’ daily routines, times have also changed for Holy Trinity’s school day. “We’ve gone back to our 2:55 dismissal time, which is only ten minutes but seems to be a big deal to everyone we’ve talked to, and we’ve gone back to four minutes between classes,” said the head of senior high Cyndi Buist. 

Live remote learning is no longer a part of the Holy Trinity school day, though there is still remote learning, it is not face-to-face using Google Meet. Holy Trinity is also trying to bring back many missed occasions for the new school year. 

“We are trying to bring back field trips, like curriculum-based field trips during the day,” said Buist, “We don’t really have any overnights planned for the fall, but I know eighth grade likes to go to the Shakespeare theater, so we are hoping we can get more of those coming back.”

Holy Trinity is trying to get back to a newer normal, with faculty doing their best to make sure this year goes as easily for students and teachers as possible.