New HT club teaches invaluable life skills


Students in the life hack club will learn life hacks like how to change a tire

Amelia DeVries

The Holy Trinity Life Hacks club, formed just this year, aims to teach students about necessary life skills not taught in school. One of the club sponsors, Silvanna Wilbur, hopes to give students a multitude of different life hacks — skills students need to use throughout their life but won’t learn from school.

“We’re going to be teaching things like laundry, ironing, managing personal finances, self-defense, cooking, baking, changing a tire, and more,” said Wilbur. “These all seem like pretty basic skills, but a lot of kids leave here and say that they wish they had learned all these things.”

The idea for the club came from talking to seniors and HT alumni about what the school could improve on as well as Wilbur’s personal experience. “Because I also went to Holy Trinity, I didn’t learn these skills. I eventually picked them up in college from other adults, but I wish I had learned all these things in high school,” Wilbur said. 

The club will meet all around campus depending on the life hack being taught. Doing laundry or ironing will be at the Athletic Center while changing tires would be done outside in the parking lot. Each session will last up to an hour.

The club meeting time is to be determined based on the club members’ schedules. Those interested can send an email or message to Mrs. Wilbur over OnCampus.