Volleyball prepares for season ahead


Maya Collins serves the ball during the first home game of the season against Viera

Molly Mullen

Volleyball is a big part of Holy Trinity campus life and this year’s season is setting up for greatness. From the comradery of The Ambush to the tight bonds between Varsity Volleyball teammates, there is a great atmosphere on and off the court that makes the Holy Trinity volleyball season so enthralling. Sophomore Maya Collins is pleased with the way the team has prepared for the upcoming games.

“I think we’re going to have a really successful season. We have a lot of new players and new talent that have joined the team this year. There’s also a really close bond as a team which is going to help us on the court as well,” said Collins. 

The girls have been going to dinners together and participating in other bonding activities to become better teammates. One of their favorite bonding activities is to play the card game Uno at sleepovers and to braid each other’s hair before every game. 

“I’m really excited to see what our team will accomplish this year. We’ve had a lot of productive practices and we have a good team dynamic. I’m also excited to play out of our district. We get to travel around the state and play a lot of new teams which is really exciting,” said Collins.

The team has been working hard at perfecting some of their skills such as serving and ball control. With Holy Trinity’s talent, it makes for a very exciting game. 

“Our biggest rival is Viera High School and the stands are usually filled with people because it’s such a competitive game,” Collins said.

With a win over Viera in late August, Collins is pretty confident about the potential for the games to come. However, that doesn’t mean that all games are easy.