A time to get creative


Shelby Reeve

From the Environmental Club to the Dungeons and Dragons Club, there are many opportunities for students at HT to find something they are interested in. The Creative Writing Club is a part of the rising new clubs of this year. 

Open to anyone in grades 9-12, the Creative Writing Club is a way for students to show their creativity and writing skills outside of the classroom. “Since most English classes at school tend to focus more on research writing papers, I just wanted a space where people who like to write creatively can do so. That’s really what the club is all about,” said club founder Aidan Johnson. 

The club is a way to give students the opportunity to have a time and creative space to enable them to write about whatever they wish. “A lot of people, especially with the busy school schedules, other clubs, and sports, find it hard to find time to write creatively,” said Johnson. 

The goal for the club’s future is to share the work of the members in the club with the school and see people’s creativity through writing. Anyone in grades 9-12 interested in writing, and searching for a creative outlet, the Creative Writing Club is the space to let your creativity shine. The Creative Writing Club meets after school every Wednesday from 3:05 to 3:50 in room 203.