Stock market club invests in a new year


Co-presidents Will Nifakos and Tim Adsit explaining stock terminology

Robert Varnes

The stock market is one of the biggest economic phenomena in the nation, and Holy Trinity students are joining in on the craze. The Stock Market Club, led by senior co-presidents Will Nifakos and Tim Adsit, helps members to better understand investing and how to safely spend money in the market. Meeting twice a month, the club can be found in Carinn Mariani’s room during lunch.

As co-president of the stock market club, Nifakos plays an important role in ensuring meetings run smoothly. “We teach the members about all the basic ins and outs of the stock market, along with a bit of its history,” said Nifakos. As do many stock market fanatics, Nifakos believes putting money into the market can be instrumental to financial success, when done correctly. “We share what we know about what I believe is the most important aspect of finances (investing),” he said. It is important to invest safely if one decides to do so, and one key objective of the club is to ensure that its members know how to do that.

Finding ways to approach investing through attending meetings, members can expect to gain a surplus of knowledge about the stock market. “I follow certain investing strategies that are taught in the club, all of which have helped me safely earn money while investing,” Nifakos said. Knowing how to invest before jumping in is key, and if interested, HT students can find attending stock market club meetings to be immensely beneficial. The club is open to all areas of knowledge regarding the market, from beginners to those already investing. “Before I knew anything about investing, I thought it would be a hassle, but attending meetings and investing on my own time has shown me that everyone can invest, and have fun with it too,” said Nifakos. While investing can be risky, if the right cards are played, it can prove to be greatly beneficial.

If interested in attending the stock market club meetings, contact Mariani, or either of the club co-presidents, Will Nifakos or Tim Adsit through OnCampus or their school emails.