Drama Students Compete at Districts


Drama students Karis Assam and Evie Rittenhouse prepare for a performance at districts.

Shelby Reeve, Staff Reporter

Holy Trinity drama recently participated in the Thespian District Festival, bringing 26 events to districts this year, including students from both musical theater and advanced acting classes. There were 21 students registered to attend this year’s districts and they competed in multiple events like Duet Acting or Monologues, Solo Musicals, Duet Musicals, Playwriting, and Publicity. 

During the school year students interested in participating in districts will pick  a piece to work on that is appropriate and showcase each performer’s abilities. In late September, those interested auditioned to head to districts with drama teacher MaryCarson Barnette, who will choose the final performers going to districts. 

Holy Trinity was awarded 25 total superior medals and 21 excellent medals, along with three runners up for best of show — Karis Assam for Monologues, Davis Hattaway for Publicity, and Gabe Sander and Braxton LaNois for Improv. Out of every technical event that attended districts,

Ellie Riggs’ playwriting was chosen to receive a scholarship from Florida Theatrical Association.

Six qualifying events will be taken to the state festival in Tampa in March, the largest theater festival in the state of Florida for highschool students. Around 7,000 students from all schools in Florida will take six of their superior performances. Holy Trinity’s six will be Karis Assam for Monologues, Brianna Ramnath and Grace Price for Duet Musical, Gabe Sanders and Davis Hattaway for Duet Musical, Davis Hattaway for Publicity, Evie Rittenhouse and Christopher Zizzo for Duet Musical, and Sydney Smith and Mary Stallard for Duet Acting.