HT Gets a Makeover


Campus renovation plans include a new entrance from the student parking lot, as well as changes to the courtyard and updates for classrooms.

Shelby Reeve, Staff Reporter

After 20 years, Holy Trinity is getting a refresh. The school’s new renovations will create a more suitable work environment for students, faculty and staff. The start of these new renovations are not just physical changes to HT, but also the ways of learning will change.

This new project-based type of learning will present students with real world problems and experiences to better prepare students for the future and have more relevance in their everyday lives. “We want to create a learning situation where students can do more collaboration, team work, and engaged learning,” said Dr. Katherine Cobb, HT President. “We want to move in the direction of creating a 21st century learning environment.” 

Changes will start to be seen in December but construction will begin in January. The renovations will begin in the 200 building, moving three classrooms at a time into temporary locations while renovations are taking place. When the renovations of the classrooms are finished the next three will be moved out to start the process over. “We’re going to get some storage units for some of the classroom furnishings that will either not be put back in the classroom when we’re done or will need to be stored while they’re in their temporary location,” said Cobb. 

The temporary classrooms being renovated for teachers are located in the gym and are the student commons and the weight room. 

With moving out of the classrooms, teachers must clear out all of their belongings in order to start the renovations. “I love my corner office and I’m really excited it’s getting renovated, but I’m having to move all of my personal belongings from ceiling to floor, to make sure they can really get in here and redo everything,” said history and humanities teacher Lisa Dykes. 

Teachers will have the option to choose how they would like to set up their classrooms. “They can have all chairs with the desks attached, they can have tables that can be placed apart or connected, and all of these things are easily moveable,” said Cobb.

The classrooms are not the only renovations taking place. The entire school will be painted white with black trim for a more modern look. The Tiger Cafe will have a completely new look. “We’ll have new tables, and the stage where there’s a classroom is, will be a lounge area for students where you can study, plug in and hang out,” said Cobb. “We’re turning it into more of a student commons.” The bathrooms in the 300 building will have a completely new look to go along with the style in the athletic center. 

The wooden canopies will be replaced with all new metal canopies. The entrance gate will be updated, carrying over some of the architecture done on the Scott Center. New signs will be placed in the front and back of the school. On the quad, sidewalks along with a knee wall will be installed for more seating. Canopies will be added in front of the library to add more shaded areas. 

These campus renovations are only the beginning. A new building with flexible classroom space will sit between the gym and junior high building.