Renovations Moving Forward


Students enjoy the newly renovated classrooms. New renovations are planning to unfold as the year continues.

Shelby Reeve, Online Editor

Over the summer, Holy Trinity saw changes involving the bathrooms and the completion of repainting the whole campus. With the finishing of those new updates to the campus, Holy Trinity is not stopping any time soon. 

The next renovations will focus on the landscaping of the school. “So we are going to, in the next month, pull up all the plants and change out all of the landscaping around every single building,” said Board of Trustees member Justin Morton, who is overseeing the campus renovations.

New landscaping will cause very little disruption in students’ school days unlike the renovation of the classrooms. However, it will cause a change in traffic flow depending on how the landscaping will take place on campus. 

“The landscaping is definitely the next phase of our enhancements and will go hand and hand with what we did painting the building and bringing everything up to a newer era and modern look,” said Morton. 

The landscaping is predicted to be completed by Thanksgiving; giving time to start the next upcoming renovations of the junior high classrooms. “We’re working with a company called Steelcase to help us design some of the classrooms in regards to technology and furniture,” said Morton, “so we’re working hand in hand with them along with our furniture vendor to get those classes done.” Renovations on the junior high building should start by Christmas and continue through the end of the school year. 

With these upcoming renovations, students will begin to see improvements in the campus look starting very soon for this 2022-23 school year.