The Class of 2012 Alumni Assembly


This year’s reunion for the Class of 2012 was hosted by HT’s Director of Alumni Relations Silvana Wilbur and 2012 graduate Wyatt Rudd at River Rocks.

Aidan Johnson, Editor in Chief

Each year, Holy Trinity’s Alumni host a 10-year reunion in which former students reassemble and discuss what they have accomplished in the decade following their graduation. This year was the Class of 2012’s turn.

Silvana Wilbur, herself a grduate of the Class of 2004, and current Latin and Greek teacher and Director of Alumni Relations, facilitates these reunions in coordination with the former class president, or a representative from each respective year.

“Depending on the year, if the president is local, we usually meet and discuss responsibilities [for the reunion]. They need to invite people, and plan food, drinks, and decorations,” said Wilbur.

Over the last few years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these reunions have been hosted on campus in the Athletic Complex. This year, there were a smaller number of initial RSVPs, which led Wilbur and class president Wyatt Rudd to decide to host the event at local restaurant River Rocks. 

“We decided to move it to River Rocks because they’ll provide the food and decor. This made it a little easier for Wyatt to handle,” said Wilbur.

Wilbur assigns a budget, and the reunion plans are established by the alumni within the constraints of funding. 

While initially, about ten alumni submitted an RSVP to the event, over 30 showed up, which allowed the possibility to expand beyond its initial plans.

Additionally, Dr. Katherine Cobb and Allison Bell attended the event along with Wilbur, and led an icebreaker exercise that began discussions over the progress the alumni have made in the past decade. 

“We brought this poster that they had signed when they were here as seniors and it was predictions for 10 years,” said Wilbur. “We talked about that a lot and how their careers are not like [what they envisioned]. Someone would [envision being] married with three kids and they’re still single or [being] a doctor and they were doing something different like business, so that led to a bunch of conversations between the alumni. It was a good starting base.”

Each year, the process behind the reunion may vary, however, the event allows former students to reconnect with one another and reminisce their experiences at Holy Trinity and how far they have come in the years following their graduation.