Dr. Cobb Leaves Legacy of Strong Leadership


Rebecca Allison

Dr. Katherine Cobb brought her strong faith and leadership skills to the position of president at Holy Trinity.

Shelby Reeve, Online Editor

Dr. Katherine Cobb has spent her six years as president leading Holy Trinity’s Upper and Lower schools through challenges and times of growth. Earlier this year, she announced her retirement from the position at the end of the 2023 school year. After finishing her time with Holy Trinity, Cobb will be spending more time at home with her family and traveling. With the search for a new president complete, she will be leaving Holy Trinity in experienced hands. 

Like many heads of schools, COVID presented Cobb with some unprecedented challenges.

“As we reflect on the last few years, we may see that teaching and school operation during COVID may be viewed as one of the most challenging and overwhelming times in the profession’s history,” said Cobb. “We had to deal with a variety of viewpoints through the ever-changing conditions of the pandemic. Our teachers had to be flexible and learn new ways of teaching and engaging students, and they did this while still maintaining the core integrity of the curriculum. I am forever grateful for the professionalism and dedication of our faculty and staff and the unwavering support of our Board of Trustees. I am most proud of the resilience displayed by our students and their eagerness to get back on campus and reestablish their connections within our  HT community,” she said.

Cobb originally came into the position with no past experience at a high school, but brought a deep level of experience in education as eLearning Provost at Eastern Florida State College. She also had a strong connection to Holy Trinity as a parent and Board of Trustees member dating back to 1989. 

Colleen Middlebrooks, Director of Advancement, was the first person Cobb hired in June of 2017. 

“It was exciting to work with her because she knew she wanted to start capital campaigns and big projects. We were going to team up and make a big impact,” said Middlebrooks. “I have really enjoyed being a part of these projects with her. She is just a very positive leader and she gives everyone a lot of freedom. She’s very good at trusting the people she’s hired to do what they were hired to do.” 

Through her strong leadership, Cobb has built a positive and productive environment for both faculty and students. 

“Dr. Cobb has been very supportive of the fine arts and a lot of us are very appreciative of that. I’m going to miss that she is very positive, always smiling and just very approachable,” said Fine Arts Department Chair Cathy Rodby.

“Under Dr. Cobb, I’ve been allowed to try new things in my class with confidence, knowing that if they fail that’s 100 percent OK,” said Science Department Chair Trevor Herntier. “She also has given me the freedom to do what is right for my kids even if it doesn’t work out. I have loved having her as my boss.”  

Parents have been pleased with the work Cobb has done to ensure the best educational experience for Holy Trinity. “She has been a very successful supporter of teachers in helping students to develop themselves both academically and emotionally at all grade levels,” said Upper School parent Beth Reeve. Cobb has made it apparent that she has made strong and meaningful relationships with students each year.  

“She is a very good communicator and really looks to build bonds with the student community, including myself. I really appreciate this aspect about her,” said junior Cash Luck. 

Before taking on her role at Holy Trinity, Cobb started her working career as a lawyer. After graduating from Stetson University in 1983, she was able to work as a state prosecutor, working with mostly DUI trials. 

Cobb also worked in private practice before moving into an education position in 1992 at Brevard Community College, now known as Eastern Florida State College. 

As the school year comes closer to an end, Cobb reminisces about her time at Holy Trinity. 

“I’m going to miss you all,” said Cobb. “This is a job where I see so many bright and creative young people daily and I will not have that ability to interact with you all after I retire.” 

Cobb has been inspired each day by the students and faculty she passes by each year. “I truly admire the work ethic, creativity, and the brilliance of the students here. We say start here, go anywhere, but I truly believe that you all are capable of just about anything that God has in store for you,” said Cobb.