Are Girls Dress Coded Too Often?


The Chiquita Banana is surrounded by seniors dressed up as bananas.

Nina Cinca, Online Editor

Everyday, students are required to come to school in a tucked in blue/white collared shirt, beige pants/shorts/skirts that are the correct length (no shorter than four inches above the knee), and some kind of belt to finish up the uniform look. If these guidelines aren’t followed, a detention or change of clothes usually ensues. On the rare occasion, more frequently for seniors, students are allowed to wear their own clothes on an approved out of uniform day. Outfit guidelines include: no ripped jeans, leggings/sweatpants, ‘short’ shorts, tank tops, crop tops, four inch heels or taller, and sheer shirts.

Usually girls are the ones getting dress coded more often than not, because there’s a greater variety of potential outfits that would break these rules. Guys wear muscle tanks and sweatpants to school, which goes unnoticed, but when girls show a little bit of their shoulders they’re asked to go and change. During spirit week, there is more leniency on clothes that are able to be worn, but outfit bias is still present.

On celebrity day, there was a wide range of characters and outfits that people came dressed up as. There were some people dressed as Jason Blossom from Riverdale, Marilyn Monroe, and Gigi Hadid. A group of boys dressed up in banana costumes going along with the idea that another student was dressed up as Chiquita. Some of them were wearing no shirts underneath their costume and very short shorts that were rolled up to look like briefs. This didn’t seem to grab administration’s attention and none of them ever got dress coded that day.

One student, however, decided to dress up as a professional athlete, wearing a long sleeve shirt with baggy soccer shorts and some slides to complete the look. Halfway through the morning she was dress coded for her soccer shorts. They were not tight, and not distracting at all. She had to wear the school’s P.E. shorts for the rest of the day, a spirit week day which is one of the only times students get to dress up as something fun.

How is it that a group of guys could wear a costume with no shirt underneath and shorts shorter than a girl’s and go completely unnoticed, but a girl who wore baggy soccer shorts that were looser than the P.E. shorts she was given by the school gets immediately told to go and change?