Newer But Fewer


Students are enjoying the newly renovated bathrooms. However, having fewer bathrooms is causing issues.

Shelby Reeve, Online Editor

The over 20-year-old student bathrooms were recently updated. While the design and functionality is being welcomed by students, the renovation involved reducing the number of  bathrooms, which is raising some concern. 

“We wanted to bring them up to more of a modern standard as well as bring them into ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance,” said Board of Trustees member Justin Morton. “So we designed them to be the same design and concept as the field house.”

The updating of the bathrooms was a major change for the campus. With the intention of expanding the art and orchestra rooms, one of each of the men’s and women’s bathrooms in the 300 building has been redone to compensate for those needs. 

“We decided that it made sense, instead of expanding the building footprint that it was a little bit more cost-effective and just a better look to take one of the bathrooms and create more space for the art room and orchestra room,” said Morton. 

Although the ability to take the bathrooms and give more space to the art and orchestra room is an added benefit, it has created some issues with the number of bathrooms on campus. With breaks only being six minutes long, and multiple students trying to use the bathroom during this time the decrease in bathrooms has caused students to need to use the bathroom during class time. 

“There was already a problem before with lines out of the stalls and having to spend your whole break waiting. So now that there’s only one bathroom it takes even longer. Plus the last time I was in there, I was waiting in a line out the door, just to use the bathroom,” said junior Katrina Blanco. 

“The guys bathroom is so small and there is only two stalls and one urinal so it takes forever to go to the bathroom,” said junior Kayden Shah.