It’s All Greek to Me


Silvana Wilbur plays an interactive memorization game in the new Greek 1 class.

Maya Collins, Staff Reporter

In addition to the campus renovations, Holy Trinity has also added more variety into the curriculum with new elective classes. These new electives give students the opportunity to mix up their days with a wide range of subjects. 

Greek 1 is a new beginning elective that is different from any other language course at Holy Trinity. “Greek is unique for so many different reasons, using a different alphabet is probably the biggest one. All of the other languages at Holy Trinity are Romance languages that are based off of Latin which all use the same alphabet,” said Greek teacher Silvana Wilbur. 

The Greek class also gives many students the opportunity to take a Classics course. These Courses allow students to study the ancient history of language and literature and compete in State and National level Forum competitions. “The students like to compete in Forum because of the variety of categories they can choose to compete in based on their strengths. In addition to Latin, Greek allows students to compete in Forum,” said Wilbur. 

Greek is an elective class that allows students to learn in a fun and entertaining way. In addition to the curriculum, the class frequently participates in games and activities to help learn the material better.  “A few times a week we play fun games and activities to help the students become more engaged in their learning. Especially because Greek uses a new alphabet, we do lots of in class activities to help the students get comfortable with it,” said Wilbur.